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345 N. Garland Ave., Fayetteville, AR

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The University of Arkansas Summer Marimba Camp was created to provide young percussionists with an opportunity for intensive instruction in the mallet keyboard instruments, particularly 4-mallet marimba. Our camp is intended to benefit students who are just starting out, as well as those with a significant amount of experience, through a mix of group classes, small ensembles, and individual instruction.

Topics will include:

  • 4-Mallet Technique – We will discuss how to hold the mallets and how to identify and use the basic stroke types. Instruction will focus primarily upon the Stevens Method, with some discussion of Burton and Traditional grip. Students are not required to play any one grip to participate in the camp.
  • Warm-up Techniques and How to Develop a Good Warm-up Routine
  • Practice Techniques – Topics will include time management, how to break pieces of music down, how to structure a practice session, tips for memorizing, and preparing for performance.
  • How to be an effective member of a chamber group – Each student will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform as a member of a small ensemble.
  • History of the Marimba/Mallet Percussion Ensemble
  • Mallet Making and Wrapping

Camp will be held over June 11th - 15th

Event Details

  • Blessing Masiyakurima

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