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800 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville, AR

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Title: Several Complex Variables and its Contributions to Partial Differential Equations


Speaker: Al Boggess, Arizona State University


Abstract: This talk will be a gentle survey of some of the striking differences between analytic function theory in one variable to analytic function theory in several variables. In addition, I will also highlight the relationship between analytic function theory in several variables and the question of solvability (and non-solvability) in partial differential equations. This talk is designed to be accessible to a broad audience.


Al Boggess is a Professor at Arizona State University and Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M University. His research is in the areas of analytic functions of a complex variable and Fourier analysis. An analytic function should be thought of as a generalization of a polynomial (with an infinite number of terms). Likewise, a Fourier series is an infinite sum of trigonometric terms. Analytic functions and Fourier series are the building blocks that can be used to approximate and construct more complicated mathematical functions. Although the origins of these subjects go back nearly two centuries and were largely motivated by mathematical curiosity, these subjects now play an essential role in scientific and engineering applications such as signal analysis and image reconstruction. In addition to many papers on the subjects of analytic functions and Fourier analysis, Al Boggess has co-authored an undergraduate/graduate text book on Fourier analysis and wavelets and authored a foundational book on the analysis of CR manifolds.



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  • Jeremy Van Horn-Morris
  • Emily Freeman

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