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2022 National Disability Awareness Month Celebration

435 N. Garland Ave., Fayetteville, AR

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The Office of Accommodation and Accessible Services (OEOC-AAS) in collaboration with the Center for Educational Access (CEA) want to recognize the efforts of campus community members whose efforts help to create an "ADA Friendly" campus and a sense of belonging for all individuals with disabilities. Under the guise of "it takes a village", these awards highlight the importance of the involvement of the entire campus community in providing accommodations and promoting accessibility. As we strive to become a campus where accessibility is common place, the efforts of these recognized individuals help propell us into the correct direction. 

Speakers and recipients will be recognized at 12:00pm


Advocate for Equity in Accessibility Award: recognizes individuals who have promoted accessibility and/or affected positive changes in regard to accessibility within the campus community to ensure that all individuals enjoy all of the benefits of campus life. These advocates work behind the scenes to remove barriers.  

Inclusive Education Award: recognizes a faculty member or academic leadership who has contributed to the enhancement of an inclusive educational environment or equitable opportunities for students.

Inclusive Employment Award: recognizes managers or departments efforts to hire and retain employees with disabilities, and to recognize Best Practices affecting employees with disabilities within the workplace. This award recognizes the efforts of individuals who go above and beyond what is legally required to create an inclusive welcoming environment and to encourage the ‘stay at work’ principle.

Student Advocate Award: recognizes outstanding efforts by an undergraduate or graduate student in representing disability identity or community on campus or by increasing campus access through advocacy or involvement.

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