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This two-part Diversity and Inclusive Leadership Certification challenges participants to examine and address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusive leadership in organizations. Participants are empowered with the leadership skills needed to support sustainable action that can lead to organizational transformation. Participants will utilize activities from the ABCs of Cultural Competence and Humility Toolkit to explore their cultural lens, take stock of their social and cultural identities, engage in conversations that encourage trust and the building of authentic connections, unpack topics of privilege and microaggressions, and create an action plan for organizational change.


Part 1: The ABCs of Cultural Competence and Humility

April 19-22, 2022


August 9-12, 2022


Understand the value of multiculturalism in society, become aware of the ways that culture influences perceptions and leadership styles, and much more.


Also Included in Part 1

Community of Practice Component

April 27 and May 4, 2022 noon - 1:30 pm


Community of Practice Component

August 24 and 31, 2022 noon - 1:30 pm


    - Engage in open, honest discourse in a safe environment
    - Share tools and resources for best practices
    - Provide a network of support for participants


Can be bundled with part 2. Earn the Diversity and Inclusive Leadership Certification by attending all days for Parts 1 and 2, plus complete Certification Quiz.

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