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Making Your Day Work: Fall Workshop Series

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1125 W. Maple St., Fayetteville, AR

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User Solutions invites you to join us in refining and enhancing the user experience, training methods, and communication strategies related to the University of Arkansas's enterprise system, Workday. As an attendee, you will play a vital role in helping us shape the future of Workday and its impact on our campus. Your insights and feedback will contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly experience for everyone.

Workshop Focus Areas

  • A Holistic View of User Personas: The workshop begins with an analysis of the User Matrix—an interconnected web of roles with you at the epicenter. The User Matrix encourages us to explore the roles that functionally support, collaborate, and influence our daily work. By embracing these personas from a holistic perspective, we gain valuable insights into the backgrounds, expectations, experiences, and unique needs of those that support us. This exploration of the User Matrix will help us unlock the potential for collaboration and discover new ways we can work together to elevate our collective Workday experience.
  • Crafting Impactful Training Experiences: Training isn't merely about information—it's about creating experiences that resonate deeply with our users. Together, we will uncover the personality that will drive our training material rebranding and guide users seamlessly through their Workday journey, making the process intuitive, engaging, and effective. Next, we will envision the emotions we want users to experience after interacting with our training materials. Finally, we will explore the tangible benefits that form the foundation of our training approach. This exercise ensures that every training experience we design delivers real-world advantages, benefiting both our users and the University at large.
  • Elevating Engagement and Accessibility: We will finish the workshop by reimagining the path users take to engage with User Solutions. This exercise is designed to spark innovative conversations and open doors to unexplored possibilities in our training and communication strategies. Our goal is to create a series of user-centric journeys that ensure a seamless experience across all channels, both inside and outside Workday.

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