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4500 S. School Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72701
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Family ties in ancient Israel were of chief importance in nearly all matters. One’s occupation, tribal loyalty, and even marriage prospects were all essentially determined by one’s extended family. However, it was not merely the living family members who held such great influence, but the deceased ancestors also. In ancient Israel, as in most of the ancient Near East, there was a thriving practice of ancestor veneration. From burial and mourning to rituals like feeding the dead, it was the role of living family members to care for their deceased relatives. These practices had a twofold purpose: 1) to provide a bearable afterlife for the deceased, and 2) to maintain a good enough standing with the ancestors that they might grant favors for the living. Join University of Arkansas student, Joshua Jacobs, and U of A instructor, Dr. Spencer Allen, as they examine several biblical and ancient Near Eastern texts, in addition to archaeological data. Through this class, participants will discover how the ancient Israelites perceived, and reacted to, death and dying.

Instructor: Joshua Jacobs & Dr. Spencer Allen

Day/Date: Tuesday, 11/29/22 (1)

Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

FORMAT: In-Person

Location: DRA KE

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