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Historical gossip is fun. You do not want to miss this humorous yet historical take on our First Ladies. We will begin where we left off from the Spring 2021 semester, beginning with Grace Coolidge and running through Michelle Obama. One of them indulged in an activity deemed improper for a first lady; one was thought to be involved in communist activities with an extensive FBI file kept on her! Of course, this includes their husbands’ wandering eyes, and wander they most certainly did. You know, one of these gals danced to disco music all over the White House and loved “The Bump”. Another caused a scandal when she visited a children’s shelter wearing a jacket that stated “I really don’t care, do U?” on the back. Hear the full story. You are guaranteed not to be bored. Join Pam Watson, who has presented this course for OLLIs in California and Nevada, for a humorous but historical look at our First Ladies.

Instructor: Pam Watson

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