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Applications for the Director of Leadership for Student Organization Outreach and Involvement Experience (SOOIE) are open through noon on Monday, August 22. Applications are available on Hogsync. For questions, please contact Camille Jordan, SOOIE Advisor, at

SOOIE has 2 main goals - Outreach and Involvement.

  • Outreach: SOOIE members reach different RSOs to work with them to help them be more successful. This could involve facilitating team builders, consulting with the RSO, or leading a workshop or retreat. For instance, if an RSO is having trouble with recruiting new members, SOOIE members would be able to work with the RSO to develop a plan for them.
  • Involvement: With a university as large as the University of Arkansas, new students may feel lost when they arrive. SOOIE members will help any new and/or un-involved students find an RSO that meets their interests. SOOIE will host an involvement table on a regular basis, and students can sign up for one-on-one appointments with SOOIE members to find an RSO.

SOOIE is a program in the Division of Student Affairs.

About the Division of Student Affairs: The Division of Student Affairs supports students in pursuing knowledge, earning a degree, finding meaningful careers, exploring diversity, and connecting with the global community. We provide students housing, dining, health care resources, and create innovative programs that educate and inspire. We enhance the University of Arkansas experience and help students succeed, one student at a time.

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